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COSMOMK Numbers Phenomena
Applications x Industry

Why Cosmomk will VALUE-ADD to All industry?

No one plans to fail BUT Many people fail to plan

COSMOMK Numbers Phenomena is able to accurately decipher from live data input and numbers analysis to provide consultation, true understanding, upgrading solutions and other value-added objectives. 


to individual, organization, society and world. 


Key Partnerships


Key Positions


Dating/Match making






Big Data Applications




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Ability Enhancement


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Corporate Strategy


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Competency Audit


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Important Decisions


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Increase Sales


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Angel/VC Investment


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Mental Health


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Life Science/Genetic Disease prevention


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Character Qualification Audit


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Human Capital Management


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Real Estate Development

/City Planning


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Important Decisions

Make the Decision with the highest value for every choice in life.


Every COSMOMK Decision is impartial and devoid of any bias or intuition or emotional influences. 

Good Decision making should be transparent, logical and effective. 

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Big Data

Major Trillion dollars market giants have massive data x specific identities/groups.


Did you know that majority of people do not understand own self?

CosmoMK is able to effectively analyze and determine the truth of the data.

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HR Management 

HR Recruitment

Human Capital is the lifeblood of all organizations. COSMOMK is able to accurately identify, qualify and

develop potential talents.


Select the Right people

Use the Right people

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Genetic inheritance 

Life Sciences

Through COSMOMK,

when a living body has not yet formed, we can accurately determine what diseases it will have in the future.

We can not only accurately predict

and effectively prevent, and at the same time, treat all aspects of the root cause to cure already formed genetic diseases.

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Angel / PE/ VC Investment

Todays' investing

High Risk

= High Returns or NO Returns

Majority are not for long term value, but for short term gains. 

COSMOMK assures that investment will be with the lowest risk combining with the highest value and returns.

Effectively improving the investment climate

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Education/ Learning Enhancements

True Education should be nurturing

and development of each being

to be able to create value to

society in future. 

Recognize every being strength

 and develop each passion. 

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Marriage | Partnership

In the near future, 

we do not need to spend years to "understand" someone.

Within ten minutes, 

we can understand one's

character, ability, thought process,

interest, hobby, emotions, mentality, 

objectives, future development.  

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Mental Health 

Year 2022, Global Healthcare spending is 10% of GDP = $8.3 Trillion per annum

- World Health Organization 

Have modern medical practices

solve the root of the illness?

COSMOMK is able to identify the essential source of the formation of illness and had developed effective solutions.


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Parent child relationship

40% of conversations with kids

lasts no longer than 10 minutes.

Many parents are finding it tough to communicate properly with their kids.

Through COSMOMK Numbers system, 

we can understand family

internal needs, 

creating harmonious environment.

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albert cao.jpg

International Real Estate Director 

100% Recommend Everyone to arrange for COSMOMK consultation. 

 After upgrading with COSMOMK, my health, energy, finances and all areas are improving tremendously.

Timing is critical!

thankful for Cosmomk!  

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andy 1413.jpg


I am very blessed to be able to attend COSMOMK course. I have obtained many meaningful insights, applicable knowledge and life skills. 

Super Thankful to the Founders of Cosmomk to develop a lifesaving system! 

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mahathir 1413.jpg

Snr Engineer

Thanks to COSMOMK

Smooth career progression

despite covid crisis.  

I have upgraded myself and my family with COSMOMK.

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