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MK数字现象学 媒体 

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数字现象™️ 《观人类》 书籍
Numbers Phenomena™️ -《Humans》 Book Series


A book that can truly allow human to master their own life.



Numbers Phenomena permeates the Universe and all things, whether humans are aware or not. 

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数字现象™️ 《观人类》 讲座
Numbers Phenomena™️

-DMS workshop

​-Introduction to Numbers Phenomena

-Numbers Combinations INSIGHTS that

cover investments, mental health, physical health, accidents? 

- Understand own self/ others better?

- Case studies 

THURS | SAT 1130am - 415pm 

$314 per participant

>>>Please register in advance.


数字现象™️ 观世界 
Numbers Phenomena
Edutainment Program x Hottest Topics

它将以一种前所未有的方式打破传统观念,带来全新的思考方式,进而引发深刻的讨论和探索。通过剖析隐藏于生命中的微妙规律和模式, 数字现象将引领人类理解生命的本质。

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数字现象™️ 个人咨询|分析
Numbers Consultation™️

Analysis -Personal

TIMING (To Know BEFORE? or To Know AFTER?)


OBJECTIVE (unbiased based on numbers you use)


COMPREHENSIVE (Cover ALL AREAS: Internal + External)


THE UNIQUE ONLY ONE (Everyone is totally Different)


ACCURATE (Thousands of Areas x Thousands of insights)

Private Personal Consultation:  

$657- $1314/ session

By Advance Appointment only* WhatsApp +65 8868 7657*

Event Highlights 活动精彩回顾

CCTV 华人楷模: 厚积薄发 |—华人楷模 范力铖
CCTV Chinese Top Role Model - Fams 范力铖

if LIFE can be redefined  

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