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are closely related to every LIFE,

like a Mirror of life, silently recording evidence of human existence.

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Numbers Phenomena™️ 


Numbers phenomena are comprehensive information formed by every individual through each moment experienced in their life. They are an inevitable manifestation of human society and the natural world based on human existence.

After more than ten years of continuous research and development, CosmoMK has scientifically converted from  2-digits to 100-digits number combinations to information  that are analyzed, experimented and practiced. Designed to enable accurate forecasts, a deep understanding of the essence of reality, providing options, adjustment solutions, and important value creations.

  • Unique 独特 (Only one | 唯一)

  • Authentic 真实

  • Objective 客观

  • Comprehensive 全面

  • Permanence 永恒

Numbers phenomena encompass multiple fields such as economics, psychology, sociology, statistics, management, anthropology, medicine, and more. Encompass individuals, organizations, businesses, society, and all areas and levels of the world.


CosmoMK's business model is built upon the research and application of numbers phenomena. We utilize scientific methods to analyze numbers phenomena information of individuals, organizations, and businesses, providing comprehensive authentic information support and personalized effective solutions.  


Numbers phenomena accurately reflect the diversity and differences among individuals. These differences possess complexity and multidimensionality, as numbers phenomena encompass various aspects of each individual's INNER qualities. This includes thoughts, emotions, experiences, values, intentions, motivations, self-awareness, emotional regulation, and coping mechanisms, among others.

At the same time, numbers phenomena also encompass EXTERNAL traits, such as language, appearance, gestures, attitudes, behaviors, lifestyles, environmental factors, physiological characteristics, genetics and genes, social interactions, social roles, and identities, and more.

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Numbers Combinations

2 Number Combination = 100 Combinations

3 Number Combination=1000 Combinations
4 Number Combination= 10 000 Combinations
5 Number Combination= 100 000 Combinations
6 Number Combination= 1 Million Combinations
7 Number Combination= 10 Million Combinations
8 Number Combination= 100 Million Combinations
9 Number Combination= 1 Billion Combinations
10 Number Combination= 10 Billion Combinations

11 Number Combination = 100 Billion Combinations

12 Number combination= 1 Trillion Combinations

13 Number Combination = 10 Trillion Combinations

14 Number Combination = 100 Trillion Combinations

***Important NOTE**

EACH Totally Different Number Combination

= hundreds of core areas x tens of thousands of unique information

Every Totally Unique and Different Numbers Combinations = Every Totally Unique and Different Human

The Human World Surrounded by Numbers

Numbers has become an indispensable part of human society. Numbers are widely applied in the realms of network infrastructures, technology, and economics, providing crucial foundations for these fields.

Even complex codes require numerical formulas. From national earth codes, company registration numbers, stock codes, to vehicle registration numbers and personal identification numbers, numbers combinations have an inseparable and close connection to humans.

We constantly find ourselves in a world composed of numbers constructs. Each country, organization, and business is formed by corresponding numbers phenomena, shaping their unique policy perspectives, national plannings, social divisions of labor, corporate developments, technological innovations, cultural inheritances, and more. Together, they constitute a complete macro-environment.

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COSMOMK Numbers Phenomena 数字现象
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CosmoMK Numbers Phenomena 数字现象
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