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Research on Individual Physical Health and Mental Health Information

Embarking on a journey into the intricacies of well-being, we delve into the captivating world of numbers phenomena. This realm, with its profound impact on our overall state of wellness, unveils a fresh perspective on precision medicine and prevention. We uncover the potential of number combinations to decode the intricate origins of diseases, ushering in a transformative era in healthcare.


Conventional medical systems tend to be reactive, intervening only once symptoms manifest. Imagine a world where we can possess the foresight to unravel the very root causes of illness through each unique individual numbers phenomena. This shift transcends mere symptom management to allow us to proactively prevent the emergence of diseases and provide personalized medication.

Unless there are fundamental improvements in one’s lifestyle, habits, routines and environment, diseases cannot be fully eradicated. To regret after falling ill should be avoided. The Focus should be on proactively addressing the root causes and prevent the formation of diseases.Cosmomk Numbers Phenomena can clearly identify and forecast the underlying causes for all disease formation, internal organs systems and psychological disorders.

While hospitals indeed play a crucial role, their rapid establishments are unable to expedite the reduction of the rapid emergence of disease. This becomes evident when our lifestyles, habits, and emotional landscapes remain unchanged. The persistence of diseases signals a call to action that transcends fixing what's broken; it's about preventing breakage in the first place. This calls for a paradigm shift towards focusing the treatment from root causes and diseases prevention. To fulfill these goals, through each individual numbers phenomena, we can implement more precise accurate medical treatments, data analytics, research and innovations.

Only through the lens of numbers phenomena, we can reveal the root causes of all diseases and to develop effective precise medical treatments accordingly, thereby, assisting patients for comprehensive recovery.

Progress in COSMOMK Research

After 13 years of research, Cosmomk has discovered that, on average, each two-digit array contains tens of thousands of unique pieces of information. When we expand the information to three-digit arrays, not only does it introduce prerequisite descriptions, directional outcomes, and future trends for each piece of information based on existing tens of thousands of pieces of information, but it also presents a whole new set of tens of thousands of pieces of information. Furthermore, when we further expand to four-digit array arrangements, it not only presents even more layers of tens of thousands of pieces of information but also demonstrates a more comprehensive, complete network of causal relationship information. When arrays continue to increase to eight digits and above, the amount of information covered becomes immeasurable.


It details whether individuals have unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking, or unhealthy diets. Additionally, this information also delves into various aspects of parents' psychological states, physical health, types of work, living environments, daily behaviors, as well as parents' thoughts and personalities. These comprehensive factors have complex and far-reaching effects on the genetic inheritance of health habits, formation of values and personalities, emotional management and cognitive development of offspring, as well as lifestyle and environmental choices.

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Solutions for Research on

Individual Health Information

It is worth emphasizing that the information of each individual is entirely unique. This is why research on individual numbers phenomena information holds immeasurable value for personalized medicine, health management, newborn prediction, and research on individual information and gene expression. Because the information of each life is shaped by vastly different sources of information, we have always lacked a channel to understand the complex information of each individual life, and the research on individual numbers phenomena information provides us with a pathway.

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