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Individual Genetic Information Research

As we delve into this intricate and complex world, we not only observe cells under the microscope but also explore the mysterious secrets of the human inner microcosm. These mysteries are hidden behind genes.


Human life inevitably involves emotional fluctuations, stress challenges, and environmental changes. However, these seemingly unrelated factors interact subtly with our genes. The environment we inhabit, the noise of traffic, the pressure we experience, and the fast-paced lifestyle—all these emotional changes quietly influence our DNA.


Methylation and histone modification, these subtle changes, silently affect the way our genes are expressed. Through continuous exploration in the field of epigenetics, we have discovered a surprising interaction. The environment and emotions, through the regulatory mechanisms of epigenetics, may profoundly affect gene activity. This means that our lifestyle, environment, and even inner emotional states may subtly and significantly alter the patterns of gene expression.


However, the impact of lifestyle and environment on gene expression is often complex and multifactorial, and different individuals respond differently to the same environmental stimuli. Moreover, although correlations between lifestyle and environment and gene expression have been observed, confirming causality remains a challenge.


The study of numbers phenomena brings fresh perspectives to address these challenges. Through thirteen years of in-depth observation and research on individual numbers phenomena, COSMOMK has revealed the complex network of rich information within individual life forms and discovered profound causal relationships therein.

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Presentation of Individual Array Information

The information presented by individual numbers phenomena covers various aspects of individuals, including consciousness, cognition, beliefs, values, emotions, external forms, hobbies, personalities, abilities, experiences, and behavioral habits. Taking an individual with a bad temper as an example, their numbers phenomena will inevitably reveal complex information related to this trait. This includes the fundamental reasons for the bad temper, as well as the specific impacts on the individual's psychology, physical condition, emotional relationships, behavioral decisions, environmental choices, and other aspects in the past, present, and future.

This correspondence indicates that number phenomena can be seen as channels through which inherent traits of individuals are presented externally in the form of information. Therefore, through in-depth analysis of individual number phenomena information, it is possible to clearly present information about the individual's current physical condition, the comprehensive reasons for disease occurrence, and potential future diseases. This is because diseases are closely related to emotions, environment, thoughts, personality, dietary habits, sleep habits, and behavior, among other factors.

Providing Channels for Exploring Individual Genetic Information

We have always lacked channels for in-depth exploration of individual unique information, and individual number phenomena information provide us with this avenue for exploration. The information of individual number phenomena vividly demonstrates the effects of emotions on individual physiological, neuroendocrine, and immune regulation, the effects of thoughts on individual behavioral neuroregulation, the effects of dietary habits on individual nutritional status and metabolic health, the effects of sleep habits on individual biological clocks and immune systems, as well as the complex interactions between individual living environments, psychological states, comprehensive factors, and individual gene expression.

Individual numbers phenomena information provide a unique perspective for understanding individual health conditions, providing strong support for personalized medicine and health management, and opening up endless possibilities.


Numbers phenomena, as a comprehensive information intertwining the internal world of individuals with external environments, represent an important manifestation of the complexity of human life. This complexity not only stimulates profound reflections on the internal world of individuals but also provides enormous possibilities and potential value for multi-level research on precise medical care, the interaction between individual comprehensive factors and genes, precise prediction of individual psychological and physical diseases, and prediction and diagnosis of neonatal diseases in multiple fields.

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