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Numbers Phenomena Movies Introduction

Numbers Phenomena as a window to display individual information. The manifestation of these information is often complex and diverse. 

Example: 311 312 314 315 316 are Completely different. 

When the length of the array reaches the length of the unique numbers we use everyday, 

such as ID no., mobile no., vehicle no., registration no. 

what is presented is a comprehensive unique information of individual's life. 

Note: Numbers never bring good luck or bad luck

We hope people can understand from a scientific perspective the true meaning behind all numbers. 

Therefore we develop interesting movies and short flims to share these deep insights with you. 

At the same time, as researchers we always uphold the exploration of this field with the most rigorous attitude. 

Thank you dearest all for your love of Numbers Phenomena Movies and

hope it brings joy and new perspectives to your Life!

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