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Industry Research and Analysis

Objective Comprehensive Authentic

Analysis x Forecasts 

Authenticity of Truth?

In our fast-paced, high-tech, and ever-changing world, how can we determine if a theory or phenomenon is trustworthy and genuine?

The Numbers Phenomena, discovered and developed by COSMOMK, has passed the following rigorous tests:


  • Longevity: Will this theory or phenomenon still be relevant in 100 or 1000 years?

  • Demand: Will people continue to need or use this in the future?

  • Value Creation: Will it continue to create value over time?

Numbers Phenomena - YES, PERMANENT Numbers have been used for thousands of years as an objective means of recording and differentiation (e.g., ID numbers, registration numbers, passport numbers) for all humans and objects. The comprehensive information presented by Numbers Phenomena is time-tested and permanent, providing valuable insights for the past, present, and future.


  • Versatility: Can this theory or phenomenon be used in various countries, situations, and environments?

  • Extreme Conditions: Is it applicable even in extreme conditions such as deserts, volcanoes, or oceans?

Numbers Phenomena - YES, UNIVERSAL Number combinations, ranging from 2 to 100 digits, are used universally across all environments. Regardless of country, economy, technology, race, religion, or culture, Numbers Phenomena can be presented and applied specifically and appropriately.


  • Industry Applicability: Can this theory or phenomenon be applied across major industries (B2C, B2B, B2G)?

Numbers Phenomena - YES, INEVITABLE The analysis, forecasts, research, and precise solutions offered by Numbers Phenomena can be applied to all industries involving human beings. For deeper use cases and industry applications, contact CosmoMK.

By passing these comprehensive tests, the Numbers Phenomena has demonstrated its reliability, universality, and timeless value.

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CosmoMK Numbers Phenomena 数字现象
Industry Analysis x Future Forecasts

数字现象™️ 《观人类》 书籍
Numbers Phenomena
™️ -Humans》 Book Series


A book that can truly allow human to master their own life.


Numbers Phenomena permeates the Universe and all things, whether humans are aware or not. 

Author​ 作者: Dai Xin Ai 戴昕嫒

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数字现象™️ 《观心理》 书籍
Numbers Phenomena
™️ -Mental Health》 Book Series



If we define Numbers Phenomena as intrinsic subjectivities that cannot be experienced by others,

then the course of each life becomes an analyzable object of physical existence. 

Author​ 作者: Dai Xin Ai 戴昕嫒

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CosmoMK Numbers Phenomena 数字现象
Industry Analysis x Future Forecasts

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