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#Thankful  CosmoMK 
#感恩  MK 数字现象学 

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Dion Goh
Research Analyst 

During my polytechnic term, I am super lucky to work an internship and learn in CosmoMK. I love the uplifting and positive environment. 

I was unable to sleep well and always prone to accidents! I was in a leg cast for six months! I thought accident is common and a norm. After learning CosmoMK Numbers system, I am aware that we can be responsible and in control of our life

After upgrading with CosmoMK, till date I have no accidents and my health status improved totally! I am recharged and refresh every day! 

The most important asset is our health! Do engage CosmoMK today! Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others!  

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Mok Goh 
Education Industry 

Before I found CosmoMK,

major areas of my life were not going well.


My career was in a mess, I had many unexpected expenses due to my social circles and worst still, my health was deteriorating. I could not sleep at night and often drink very heavily, causing my health as well as wealth to go down over time.


I was at a loss and thought that this was who I am and impossible to change.


The moment I upgraded with CosmoMK, everything started to improve dramatically.


After a few months, my career took off and I received opportunities to travel overseas to expand my career, I stopped drinking entirely and could sleep naturally at night. Amazingly, my health and habits improved, 


I even lost 13kg of excess fat

and became fitter than I have ever been!


I owe this all to CosmoMK!

100% Effective Solutions! 

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Anna Ng

I have operated a beauty care business for 20+ years. During CosmoMK Consultation, they are able to identify my bottlenecks and obstacles instantly

At first, I was unable to accept numerology as I am a Christian, after learning about CosmoMK Numbers System I understand they are 1st World standards and totally based on science. I trust Founder Fams as he is a very kind and giving person and he definitely want the best for me.  


 I am very blessed to be able to upgrade with CosmoMK. Now, every day of my life is full of passion, love and joy. I have seen tremendous improvements in everyone who have upgraded with CosmoMK! 

Super Thankful! 

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As a lawyer, I strive to advise the best solutions for my clients.

After attending CosmoMK Course, 

I am astonished by the numbers combination analysis accuracy and depths of wisdom! 

Today I can make

critical decisions effectively

I strongly advise everyone especially important leaders to arrange for CosmoMK Consultaton!

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Student , Freelancer

CosmoMK Course is one of

the best courses I have ever attended!

It is the most applicable life skill as everything is made up of numbers!

I obtained vast insights to

human being and the world!

CosmoMK Founders are passionate and patience in teaching us. 

Every day is meaningful and joyous day to share CosmoMK!


The best gift for your self is to learn CosmoMK!  

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EDMOMS 1413.png

Edmoms Tan 
Family Business

Running my family business in retail LPG gas was stressful, I was a heavy smoker for the past 20 years and smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. I was suffering from knee pain due to carrying heavy gas cylinders. I was impulsive and made harsh decisions in investments. 


After upgrading with CosmoMK, I quitted smoking! My knee pain is gone!  I become very energetic and focused at work. Relationship with my family improved tremendously.

Today I have sold my family business to a major gas player in Singapore, I am proud to represent CosmoMK to improve more lives!


I am very grateful to COSMOMK for improving my life.

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harnes . mk.jpg

Business Owner

During pandemic,

my retail business was badly affected. 

CosmoMK Consultation is very accurate and able to identify many core areas of my life and business. 

I decided to upgrade immediately! 

My business opened new doors of opportunities and I ventured into new markets and industries. 

Thankful to CosmoMK!

5 Stars reccommendations to every Business Leader to learn CosmoMK! 

dr wang bao fen 1314.jpg

Dr Wang Bao Fen 
TCM practitioner

As an experienced TCM practitioner for 40+ years, I am super impressed by CosmoMK Numbers system ability to identify health complications and even the root cause of the illness within minutes!

To live a healthy and
happy life is the priority of the majority. 

I am very confident to highlight that CosmoMK is the secret of thousands of years of wisdom combined.   

Do engage CosmoMK before you have any health conditions! 

Prevention is always better than cure.   

marcus mk1413.jpg

Snr Engineer

I got to know CosmoMK through a clan association event. 

During the live numbers consultation, the Founder is able to clearly identify many untold insights of my life! 

After upgrading with CosmoMK, 

I am able to focus on high value priorities, obtain greater productivity and strength to complete all tasks assigned.

Day by day, I am nearer to my targets. 


Special Thanks to CosmoMK!

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andy 1413.jpg


I am very blessed to be

able to learn from CosmoK!


I gained many insights and applicable life skills that can be applied to all industries

CosmoMK have great leadership and culture, they will mould future #leaders!

I strongly encourage everyone to apply for the course! 

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jacq 1413.jpg


As a trader, i see numbers every day. With COSMOMK upgrade, now I enjoy daily trading profits that is unbelievable!

I have also upgraded my lovely family.

Now my child can focus on studies and loves reading! In the past, they only like online gaming! Morning when I woke up and see my son doing homework alone! Wow! 

That is like impossible haha

Special thanks and grateful for

improving my next generations!

All caring parents must apply CosmoMK 

as soon as possible!

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fion 1413.jpg

Financial Director

After upgrading with 


I enjoy increase in benefactors and opening up new social circles!   

I can clinch bigger contracts and deals smoothly too! 

Big Thanks to COSMOMK! 

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lenz 1413.png


I used to have

insomnia and felt very depressed.

I cannot sleep well and always feel down.


After upgrading with COSMOMK, 

I feel very recharged and refresh every day! Now I cannot stop smiling every day!

Thank you COSMOMK!

hafiqa. 1413.png

Flight Attendant

I cried during the CosmoMK Audit, I am very touched by the Founder's love and empathy.


I have frequent sudden faints which is identified in the consultation. That is very scary and dangerous. 

Fortunately, now I have upgraded,

I feel much better in focus,

energy and happiness.   

Thanks to Cosmomk for saving my life!

thomas wong. 1413.jpg

Thomas Wong
Business owner

Being in the same business association with CosmoMK Founder Fams, I had winess his business progress and growth.

I trust his quality standards and leadership. 

After upgrading with COSMOMK,

I have better communication and relationship with my children. 

Business also picks up momentum

and I get to close more

deals and expand a new shop!

Thanks to Cosmomk! 

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ivy chua 13141.png

Ivy Chua
Business Owner

I worked very hard and had break through sales records in property industry for years.


Unfortunately, my life and business became a downturn after I changed my mobile number with a self-proclaimed master in Bugis area. Business got into many complications, and I even got a legal case pending. 

During CosmoMK Consultation,

the founder is very kind and patience to analyze and share why my number is not suitable for me and areas of insights.

I decided to upgrade with CosmoMK, 

within two months, I won the legal case

I attract better customers and benefactors.

I even strike 4D Top Prize for my business address!  

 Important reminder* Do not believe in self-proclaimed gurus. Always verify with CosmoMK first.

Chose the Best

Choise CosmoMK!

Kudos to CosmoMK! 

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acho 1314.jpg

Acho Zhang
Accountant | Self Employed

I have known CosmoMK Founder for many years as he had sponsored many high-class events and always charitable in giving. I trust his standards and quality commitment. 

As a certified accountant, I only believe in what I can see. CosmoMK is researched and developed by the founders over years of strenuous work, practice and experience. 


Post upgrading with CosmoMK, 

I can feel the difference.

I enjoyed improved relationship and attractions. I also obtain better self-discovery and awareness, gaining control of my emotions and excelling in everything I want to achieve!

CosmoMK is definitely the Number 1 Numbers solutions in the World!

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Lin Ying.jpg

Lin Ying
Professional Athlete | Coach

When I first did my consultation with CosmoMK, they told me that from my numbers, I’m bound to contract growth and tumours as the stress that I place on my body is taking a toll on my health. Surely, 2 years later, I had growths in both my kidney and my female reproductive system!


CosmoMK is 100% accurate and after upgrading, my health has stabilized! Truly thankful to CosmoMK and I strongly urge everyone to share CosmoMK with others especially your loved ones! Everyone needs CosmoMK and you can potentially save their lives!!

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max 1413.jpg

Crypto Advocator

 I used to drink happy

hour beer as early as 3pm every day!

After upgrading, my appetite for liquor changed. Many areas of my life improved!  

Even my skin tone and

sensitive skin issues recovered totally!

I am health, happy and lucky haha!

I even strike x 5 Times in 4D prizes!

Sincere Thanks to COSMOMK! 

steph. 14131.jpg


During the numbers consultation, many areas were identified spot on: health, relationship, family, career!

I invited my family to arrange for consultation too.


My dad was based in Jakarta and he had a zoom consultation with MK Founder.


We were totally blown by the
accuracy and insights
of CosmoMK.

And after upgrading with CosmoMK,

I start to attract better quality networks and connections, I garnered more recognition and support from my colleagues and bosses at work as well as many opportunities came knocking too! I'm able to accumulate and manage my wealth better!


I exude more positivity

rather than being pessimistic previously!


CosmoMK have upgraded

my entire life as a WHOLE!

Kudos to CosmoMK!

I strongly advise everyone to arrange a consultation as timing is critical!

Especially for your loved ones and everyone you care for!

shermaine ong 1314.jpg

Business Owner

Thanks to COSMOMK!

My family have upgraded, and I can see the harmony and happiness in my loved ones. 

I can feel the better attractions in social circles. Opening up more doors of happiness and opportunities. 

We only live life once, 

live with no regrets! 

Engage COSMOMK now!

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mahathir 1413.jpg

Snr Engineer | Project Manager

During CosmoMK numbers consultation,

Dai Xin Ai Founder can analyze that I am very hardworking but stubborn. 


Most interestingly, they can identify that I am highly accident prone.


During my trip to the UK with my friends, I almost got into an accident where we were close to knocking a bus! 


After upgrading with CosmoMK,  I was being #headhunted and promoted during the high of covid-19 without going for interviews!

I highly recommend everyone to engage CosmoMK asap! 

albert cao.jpg

Albert Cao
Director, Real Estate 

I am really touched by the

love and sincerity of CosmoMK Founders. 

After upgrading with CosmoMK, 

I have improved attractions and breakthrough targets in my business expansions. During pandemic, many are very stressed out, I am not affected with clear focus and good mood. 

Amazingly, I even strike Top Prizes in 4D winnings a few times! #lucky

Super Thankful for CosmoMK!

andre lee. 1314.jpg

Andre Lee
Business Consultant

The numbers consultation was super accurate and I immediately decided to have my life code upgraded!


After using cosmoMK Life code,

I was blessed with a mini project that provided me with a passive income of $36,000 USD within 2 weeks!


What's more, I was appointed the Chief Marketing Officer for Evanesco foundation. A prominent foundation by top 10 cryptocurrency, Polkadot.


The business proposals that I had drafted and been pending for many months was also finally approved by the board of directors and everything in my life is running much smoothly. Thank you CosmoMK!

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marcus chin star 1413.jpg

Marcus Chen 
Famous Celebrity

We are surrounded by numbers, 

never notice the importance. 

CosmoMK teacher is impressively accurate and highly recommend everyone to understand about Cosmomk!

stars cao yao 1413.jpg

Terence Cao
& Yao Wen Long

Famous Celebrity

Wow! We did a FB

live session with Cosmomk. 

The Live Consultation

is really astonishingly accurate

Do engage Cosmomk for consultation to understand yourself better and make better decisions.

star yao 14131.png

Yao Yi Feng
Media Director

Very insightful!

very impressive topics covered by COSMOMK teacher! 

Highly recommend

everyone to engage Cosmomk. 

Timing is Critical! 

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harvey 13141.jpg

Marketing Manager

 I have marketed many international projects and meet new people every day. 

After learning CosmoMK Intermediate course, I am able to clearly identify and qualify who I should invest my quality time and resources with

I am passionate about CosmoMK Numbers System as this will be the #Future! 

Salute to CosmoMK!

kim 13141.jpg

Wellness Coach

After upgrading with CosmoMK,

I am able to focus on my goals and take disciplined actions. 

I can feel the joy, confidence and refresh energy to achieve my tasks. 

Every day is much more productive and meaningful. 


Do contact CosmoMK , 

you are guaranteed to achieve what you want!

dom 13141.jpg

Business Consultant

After upgrading with CosmoMK, 

I got headhunted to venture to Dubai during covid crisis. 

I gained much more social networks and exposure in life

I will like to express sincere gratitude to CosmoMK Founders for their love, passion and determination to ensure the best standards for us!

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nabizah 1314.jpg

Media Artiste 

CosmoMK numbers

consultation is superrrrr acurate

Founder can identify many areas of my life that was untold to anyone! 

Even my family are not aware.

After upgrading, 

I am having recharged confidence and inner joy to attain greater heights!

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jerem 1314.jpg

Ren Kang

When I applied for CosmoMK Upgrade,

my number one priority

is to find a good life partner. 

Today I am happily attached to

a lovely lady who fits the ideal partner I have always been looking for! 

#love #joy 

My health, energy and mood are also much better than before. 

Strongly encourage everyone to consult CosmoMK before dating anyone! haha! 

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weihao 1314.jpg

Wei Hao 
Interior Design Firm

Special Thanks to CosmoMK! 

After upgrading, 

I am able to breakthrough

sales and obtain six figure income!

I can clinch larger scale Interior design deals, got more referrals and

benefactors everywhere I go! 

I also recommended my dad to upgrade too. Amazingly, he strikes 4D top prize within months!  

#Inspiring Every leader must engage CosmoMK as early as possible! 

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dickson 1314.jpg


Fun, uplifting and inspiring culture!

 I like to attend events

and courses organized by CosmoMK. 

They are sincere, 

caring and always there for us. 

They are the best #rolemodel for younger generations like us. 

I will take actions to learn

and share with as many people I can. 


pann mama 1314.jpg

Self Employed

I am totally ecstatic today!

Sincere heartfelt thanks to

Founder Dai Xin Ai and CosmoMK!  


After upgrading,

I strike two times in 4D TOP PRIZE 

and once in TOTO!  


#joy #goodluck

ivan wong 1314.jpg

Ivan Wong
Logistic Firm CEO

There was a period that I face many obstacles and felt

lost in my business direction. 

CosmoMK is able to identify the causes and areas that need improvements. 

After upgrading, my logistics business excelled in excellent rate! 

As of Today, I have expanded my fleet of logistic vehicles and work force

x 5 Times the Size

Super Thankful for CosmoMK!

It is a MUST to engage CosmoMK 

if you are an organization leader.

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Spotlight banners-02.png
alan 13141.jpg


 I attended CosmoMK Event

 to accompany my friend.  

I am totally astonished by the Numbers Combinations Analysis. CosmoMK can decipher health, mood, ability, responsibility, habits, relationship, cash flow of a person they have never even met before! 

At my age, this is the First time I have seen any guru with such accuracy!

angela 1314.jpg

Director Printing Company

CosmoMK Founder Fams is my old customer since year 2008 first box of namecards he printed. 

I witnessed his business grown from strength to strength through the printing quantity! haha! 

He is a great business leader that deserve #admiration

I have seen his management follow him for 8 - 14 years which is very rare in today society of job hopping.  

Of cus I upgraded

life code with CosmoMK too! 

Cheers to Greater Success!

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jason l 13141.jpg

Director Real Estate Firm

I am a strong believer of Buddhism as i chant and pray daily. 

With real estate business presence in many countries, I always face constant changes and disruptions that is not within my control

After upgrading CosmoMK Life code, 

I can feel the smooth operations and getting better results vs efforts

I also have better blood circulation, sleep quality and relationship with my family. 

Big thanks to CosmoMK!

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