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Personally, during the covid-19 pandemic, I experienced lots of restrictions and setbacks that slowed my businesses down.

Thus I took the opportunity to upgrade my numbers totally and learn more about the CosmoMK Numbers System.

MK Teacher 戴昕嫒 calculated the best and most suitable number for my numbers attractions in accordance to my current situation!

After I upgraded my number, I experienced lots of increase in my energy attractions! I recently managed to clinch 2 Financial services licenses!

Therefore, I'm extremely grateful and really hope to share more about CosmoMK to everyone!


Initially, I rejected the idea of Numbers system as my family and I are strong Christian believers..

My dreams, goals and miracles grew bigger and I realized that this special number attraction is able to bring me to the next level!

In 2 to 3 years, my business expanded from Singapore to Malaysia, China and even Russia!

Give yourselves a chance to try CosmoMK if you desire to be happier, get married or even improve on any areas in your life!

Thank you CosmoMK! 


I signed up for CosmoMK's Numbers System course and is convinced that.. MK Numbers System and Traditional Chinese
Medicine complements one another!

MK Teacher 戴昕嫒shared with us on how we can improve our post-destined energy attractions by leveraging on MK Numbers System! For example, some individuals fall sick easily, have constant family issues and are even prone to accidents..

Just by a simple look at the numbers you frequently use, we will be able to understand if you are affected positively or negatively by it! Therefore, this energy attraction is similar to our body's energy attractions!

If we hold numbers that are of bad attractions, our ecosystem of organs is bound to contract various critical illnesses!

Thankful x CosmoMK 
感恩 x MK 数字现象学