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Encompasses the WORLD

regardless of race, religions, language,

age, gender, social status

and individual needs.

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Numbers Consultation - Personal | Family 

STEP 1: Please register for a Numbers Consultation session in ADVANCE.

 (14 days - 60 days in advance)

Select Type of Consultant + Make payment on the links as follows: 

Founder| Developer:   $1314 (41mins session)

Senior Consultant:       $ 657 (41mins session)

STEP 2:  Fill up APPLICATION FORM (online / offline)

State the main reason or objective for consultation. 

Please Rank Top Three Areas of consultation: 

  • Physical health

  • Mental health 

  • Social Circle

  • Dating/Marriage

  • Family /Children 

  • Learning /Ability

  • Career/ Business 

  • Finance / Cashflow 

Double check and verify all information are filled correctly.

STEP 3:  

Consultant will do an orientation of Numbers Phenomena and facilitate the session.


CosmoMK consultant is able to analyze and advice thousands of insights from one chain of number combinations. 

Please state the top few areas of concerns/priorities/objectives so that the consultant can focus on the key areas first. 


Dating - is this partner suitable for long term relationship?

Health - Depression - what is the root cause of the illness?

Family - how to improve parent child relationship?

Wealth - How to increase cashflow and retain wealth?

Learning - Which course or major should my son focus on?

STEP 4:  CosmoMK will advise the client accordingly the BEST SUITABLE SOLUTION.

Please note CosmoMK not only identify, analyze and advice the root cause of problems, 

we are able to provide 100% effective solutions and recommendations.

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Certified Numbers Consultants:

 Numbers Consultation - Corporate

  • Employment | HR Management | Headhunt

  • Qualification Audit (Character, Ability, Resources)

  • Succession Planning

  • Company Restructuring | Merger Acquisitions

  • Strategy

  • Branding | Media

  • Investment Strategy and Analysis 

  • Real Estate Development

  • Quality Audit (project, products)

  • Partnership 

Type of Corporate Consultation areas?

Who is recommended to engage Corporate Numbers Consultation?

Industry | Society| Government Leaders

Finance | Capital Market Movers and Shakers 

Business owners 

HR department 

Anyone who make important decisions.

When to make appointment for Corporate Consultation?

Do make appointment 30- 60 days in advance. 

Advise to engage COSMOMK before any important decision to prevent the following: 

Failed partnership can include:

Financial losses, reputation damages, legal costs, emotional distress, opportunity costs, assets depletion. 

Failed employment can include:  

Time, financial losses, training, reputation damages, operational disruption, company culture, strategic impact, investor confidence etc. 

How to make appointment for Corporate Consultation?

Please email to or WhatsApp to +65 8868 7657

All application, information and consultation will be kept private and confidential. 

What are the charges for Corporate Consultation?

Corporate options: 

- Charges per hour e.g. $1314 per hour 

- Charges per individual KYC quality audit e.g. $314 per subject  

-  12 months corporate retainer depends on project type, scale and number of analyses required


  • Recruitment

  • Headhunt

  • Management 

  • Succession

"Select the RIGHT People

Use the RIGHT People"

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cosmomk HCM 1314.png


  • Suppliers

  • Shareholders

  • Partners

  • Distributors 

  • Total QUALITY AUDIT of every stakeholder to ensure delivering the Best Results! 

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  • Brand Value

  • Brand Name | Logo

  • Media 

  • Marketing 

  • How to Differentiate and Stand out from millions of brands internationally?

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cosmomk brand 1413.png
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  • Valuation

  • Appraisal 

  • KYC Screening 

  • Before you plan to reap profits from your investments, you must first determine if the person behind your investment has the essence of winning.

  • SEE through every project Clearly with CosmoMK. 

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cosmomk Investment 1314.png

Numbers Combinations Analysis™️ 

Why COSMOMK Numbers Consultation?

TIMING (To Know BEFORE? or To Know AFTER?)


OBJECTIVE (unbiased based on numbers you use)


COMPREHENSIVE (Cover ALL AREAS: Internal + External)


THE UNIQUE ONLY ONE (Everyone is totally Different)


ACCURATE (Thousands of Areas x Thousands of insights)

 In today High technology and ever-changing world,

Everything (presentation, photo, video, accounts, contracts and so on)

can be deceptive. 

People can deceive others and even themselves.

Projects can deceive people and may be fraudulent.

Information can be deceiving and may be inaccurate.


EVERYTHING you see, hear and experience personally may be FALSE.

Only Numbers Phenomena information will be the REAL Truth!

Each Unique and Different Number Combination reflects a Totally Unique and Different Human Being.

Encompass the WORLD regardless of race, religion, age, gender, status, country and culture.

1) Majority of people do not UNDERSTAND own self

2) Majority of people do not understand Others E.g. business partner, family,

3) To increase Self Awareness and Consciousness

4) To identify own Strengths and Weakness

5) Many people are LOST.  Who am I? What am I living for? 

6) Many people want to IMPROVE their life and are looking for a Precise Effective solution!


7) Everyone needs to make important DECISIONS.

Do we qualify our decisions based on bias, experience or gut feelings? 

8) TIMING is critical! Do you want to know Before or to know After? 

CosmoMK is able to analyze and identify your past, present and future. 

9) Many people are not aware why they attain SUCCESS in one area of life and FAIL in other areas?

E.g. Career advancement but divorce, Excel in academic results but no EQ and friends, Attain wealth but down with cancer. 

At COSMOMK, your privacy is of utmost importance!
Therefore, we are happy to share that our sessions are done WITHOUT any sensitive information!

All it takes are ONLY the unique numbers we use on a daily basis - mobile number, vehicle number, company registration number, bank account number. 

Energy Audit2-04.png

NO Sensitive Information Required

E.g. BaZi, Birthdate.​

Energy Audit2-05.png

NO Facial

/ Photo Required

E.g. Quality check of HR, Partnership, Matchmaking

Energy Audit2-06.png


Biometrics required

E.g. fingerprint, hair

Energy Audit2-07.png

NO Physical

Presence Required 

Can be conducted online from any location. 

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