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Frequently Asked Questions 

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Why is the company name called COSMOMK? What does COSMOMK means? 

Cosmo = refers to the universe as a whole, including all matter, energy, space, and time. represents the entirety of existence, from the smallest particles to the largest structures, and encompasses scientific, philosophical, cultural, and symbolic dimensions. It serves as a source of wonder, inspiration, and inquiry, inviting humanity to explore its mysteries and expand the frontiers of knowledge.

MK = one of the numbers phenomena information is continuous unlimited value creations

Who founded this company or brand : COSMOMK?

COSMOMK is cofounded by Fan Lichen and Dai Xinai. COSMOMK logo and name are registered trademark of the company. 

What is the Vision of COSMOMK?


 Giving Every LIFE an opportunity to have Another Choice!

Become the GLOBAL LEADER in the field of Numbers Phenomena, unlocking the potential of Numbers Phenomena through science and technology,

injecting new vitality and momentum into the global sustainable development process.

Fill the World with unlimited love, light and wisdom.

Through comprehensive Information from Numbers Phenomena, allow every Human to be aware and be able to Define (CHOOSE, CONTROL, IMPROVE) their own life. Make World Better with COSMOMK

What is the Mission of COSMOMK?

Continuous Research, Analysis and Development of Numbers Phenomena™️

providing vital information support for individuals and organizations, empowering humanity to better shape reality.

Giving back to family, society, country, world through research, education and applications of CosmoMK Numbers Phenomena Unique Information.

To recover and prevent from Critical illness.

Reduce Cancer and prevent incurable diseases. 

Decipher Life Code, precise understanding of genetic disease,

A world with no babies born with illness. 

Develop Self Discipline and capabilities.

Truly understand Human Being  

See through all External and Lies, See the real essence within.

Reduce Suicidal, Mental health and Crime rates,

Developing a Peaceful world.

Select the Right suitable partner, effectively reducing emotional entanglements, 

domestic violence and divorces.  

Turns every Investment from high risk to become of high value, 

Effectively qualify Value Investment, 

Improving Human Development.




What are the unique advantages of COSMOMK?


2C 2B 2G Value Add Transform All industries.

World 1st Numbers Phenomena Research Centre

Lead inventor and developer of Numbers Phenomena™️ and Numbers Combinations Analysis™️. Committed to in-depth analysis of comprehensive information about individual lives and populations to drive the forefront of science and innovation, bringing about groundbreaking changes in various human domains. 

ESG Positive IMPACT:

Continuously conducting in depth high-value research and bringing positive impacts to society.


We prioritize data analysis based on individual/group data and forecasting future trends, ensuring that businesses can make wise strategic decisions at every key decision point


Our strategy and business model are capable of addressing various crises and uncertainties, ensuring continued and robust operations.

Creation of NEW CHANNEL

Tailored to every industry develop high value information channels.

Global QUALITY AUDIT Standards

The precise information presented by numbers phenomena, for both individuals and groups, holds enormous potential and is expected to become a core element of individual information auditing standards in the future.

Unlimited GROWTH Potential

Our business model has unlimited growth potential and can meet the ever-expanding market demand.


Providing precise information and effective solutions to individuals and businesses.

FUTURE Proof: 100 years

Our strategic planning looks to the future, ensuring continued success and sustainable developments.

What is the brand tagline of COSMOMK?

If Life can be redefined ™️

numbers phenomena 131419.jpg

Who discovered and named this term: Numbers Phenomena ?

Cosmomk founder Dai Xin Ai (Dai JinLuo)  is the developer and lead researcher of Numbers Phenomena

What are the research findings or publications on Numbers Phenomena?

Through 13+ years of research, analysis, experiment and applications, Cosmomk founder Dai Xin Ai had published:   

Numbers Phenomena - Humans 

Numbers Phenomena - Mental Health 

Refer to the publications for more detailed information. 

Currently the founder is in progress of research and writing Numbers Phenomena - Life Sciences.

What is Numbers Phenomena?

Number phenomena are comprehensive information formed by every individual's experience in their life, representing an inevitable expression of human society and the natural world based on human existence. CosmoMK has undergone more than a decade of continuous research and development, analyzing, and practicing number phenomena information from two to hundreds of digits through scientific methods.

  • Unique 独特 (Only one | 唯一)

  • Authentic 真实

  • Objective 客观

  • Comprehensive 全面

  • Permanence 永恒

Number phenomena accurately reflect the diversity and differences among individuals. These differences are complex and multi-dimensional, presenting various aspects of the intrinsic characteristics of each individual, covering thoughts, emotions, experiences, values, intentions and motivations, self-awareness, emotional regulation, coping mechanisms, and more. At the same time, number phenomena also include external traits such as language, appearance, actions, attitudes, behaviors, lifestyles, environmental factors, physiological characteristics, genetics, social interactions, social roles, and identities.

What is Numbers Combinations? 

2 Digit Number Combination = 100 Combinations

3 Digit Number Combination=1000 Combinations
4 Digit Number Combination= 10 000 Combinations
5 Digit Number Combination= 100 000 Combinations
6 Digit Number Combination= 1 Million Combinations
7 Digit Number Combination= 10 Million Combinations
8 Digit Number Combination= 100 Million Combinations
9 Digit Number Combination= 1 Billion Combinations
10 Digit Number Combination= 10 Billion Combinations

11 Digit Number Combination = 100 Billion Combinations

12 Digit Number combination= 1 Trillion Combinations

13 Digit Number Combination = 10 Trillion Combinations

14 Digit Number Combination = 100 Trillion Combinations

*Important NOTE*

Through Numbers Combinations Analysis, each Totally Different Number Combination

= hundreds of core areas x tens of thousands of unique information

Every Totally Unique and Different Numbers Combinations = Every Totally Unique and Different Human

What are the types of numbers around us? Human world surrounded by Numbers?

Numbers has become an indispensable part of human society. Numbers are widely applied in the realms of network infrastructures, technology, and economics, providing crucial foundations for these fields.

Even complex codes require numerical formulas. From national earth codes, company registration numbers, stock codes, to vehicle registration numbers and personal identification numbers, numbers combinations have an inseparable and close connection to humans.

We constantly find ourselves in a world composed of numbers constructs. Each country, organization, and business is formed by corresponding numbers phenomena, shaping their unique policy perspectives, national plannings, social divisions of labor, corporate developments, technological innovations, cultural inheritances, and more. Together, they constitute a complete macro-environment.

  • Identity Card No.

  • Passport No.

  • Mobile No.

  • Password

  • Transport No. (Car | Flight | Bus | Train)

  • Address | Postal Code

  • Bank Account | Card | Swift

  • Company | Organization Registration No.

  • Trading | Import | Tracking | Product No.

  • Pricing | Shopping | Table| Queue No.

  • Membership Card No.

  • Financial | Stock Code | Tax 

  • Pet Identity No.

  • Website | Email | Social Media Account No.

Note: Not limited to above

What information can be presented/discovered from Numbers Phenomena?

Total comprehensive information of every unique individual including and not limited to:


  • Thoughts

  • Ideas

  • Beliefs

  • Feelings

  • Intelligence

  • Mindset

  • Experiences

  • Responsibility

  • ​​Desires

  • Values

  • Psychological state

  • Inner changes

  • Intentions and motivations

  • Self-awareness

  • Emotional regulation

  • Coping mechanisms  


  • Speech

  • Appearance

  • Actions

  • Habits

  • Attitudes

  • Emotions

  • Decisions 

  • Behavior 

  • Ability 

  • Lifestyle 

  • Environmental factors

  • ​Genetics and genes

  • Social interactions

  • Emotional regulation

  • Coping mechanisms  

  • Psychological and psychological symptoms

  • Social roles and identities 

How do COSMOMK analyze or obtain information from numbers around us?


COSMOMK developed a trade secrets system: Numbers Combinations Analysis

Every totally different 2-Digit number combinations will present tens of thousands of information.

When a number is added to the 2-Digit combination to become a 3-Digit combinations, it will present rich unique information showing the causality.

For example: 8 Digit mobile number of Singapore or 11 Digit mobile number of China, it will present billions of complex comprehensive multi interconnected and multi-dimensional precise information networks of the unique individual.

What is the fundamental 2-Digit Numbers combinations categories? 

According to Numbers Phenomena research , the 2 Digit numbers categories as follows:

2 digit nos cat 141319.png

What if the data point has numbers and letters included? How do we analyze? 

In addition to numbers, letters and words have substantial meanings. In our daily life, there are many instances where numbers and letters coexist, such as identification numbers, license plate numbers, house numbers, and identity card numbers. To facilitate interpretation, we need to convert letters into numerical forms. Example: SMA 313 N = 191301 313 14 

Screenshot 2024-04-10 172721.png

What are the industry applications of Numbers Phenomena? 

Numbers Phenomena can encompasses the World regardless of race, religions, age, gender, social status and individual needs. 

A list of industries COSMOMK can transform and value add as follows: 

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