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Unique Individual Information Center

Unique Individual Life Labs 

Based on Objective Comprehensive information of every unique individual. 

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World 1st

Numbers Phenomena

Foundational Courses

Intermediate Courses

Certified Consultant

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Precise Effective Solutions 

that can solve the root causes of all challenges.  

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CosmoMK stands at the forefront of pioneering research and development in the realm

of Numbers Phenomena™️. With over 13 years of dedicated exploration,

experimentation, and refinement, we have unlocked the transformative power of

Numbers Combinations Analysis™️, marking a paradigm shift in understanding the

unique differences of individuals.

Our groundbreaking methodology transcends conventional boundaries, scientifically

converting two-digit to hundred-digit number combinations into unique individual profile

information. Through meticulous research and advanced analytics, we unveil the hidden

multi-dimensional correlations between numbers and all aspects of human including intrinsic human traits: cognition, emotions, experiences, values, motivations, and self-awareness.


At CosmoMK, we offer a comprehensive suite of services, ranging from consultation

and analysis to precise forecasts tailored for individuals, enterprises, and governmental

entities. Our commitment to mastery extends beyond analysis, with the CosmoMK

Academy dedicated to nurturing future leaders in the field of Numbers Phenomena™️.

Central to our mission is the pursuit of mastering the essence of life through CosmoMK.

Our precise solutions empower individuals and organizations to make informed

decisions, anticipate trends, and navigate the complexities of the human experience

with unparalleled clarity.


Through our Research Centre, we offer unparalleled insights into physical and mental

health, organ functionalities, system dynamics, and psychological well-being. By

harnessing the power of Numbers Phenomena™️, we provide the vital pathway required for precision healthcare.


Join us on a transformative journey to decode the language of numbers and shape a

future where understanding leads to empowerment. Experience the transformative

impact of CosmoMK and embark on a journey towards a more empowering the world.

Mastering the Essence

of LIFE through COSMOMK


One that encompasses the WORLD regardless of race, religions, age, gender, social status and individual needs. A list of industries COSMOMK covers:


Mental Health

Life Sciences



HR Management


Financial | Insurance

Research and Development

Strategies and Consultancy

Valuation Assessment

Media| Entertainment

Data Analytics | BI

Quality Audit

Web 3.0 | Blockchain

Infrastructure and Real Estate

Crime Prevention| Control

Legacy | Succession

If life could restart,

what would you do?

The moment you come into contact with CosmoMK,

you will have the opportunity to choose,control and improve your life.

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 Giving Every LIFE an opportunity to have Another Choice!

Become the GLOBAL LEADER in the field of Numbers Phenomena,

unlocking the potential of Numbers Phenomena through science and technology,

injecting new vitality and momentum into the global sustainable development process.

Fill the World with unlimited love, light and wisdom.

Through Comprehensive Information from Numbers Phenomena,

allow every Human to be aware and be able to Define

(Choose, Control, Improve) their own life. 

Make World Better with COSMOMK


Continuous Research, Analysis and Development of Numbers Phenomena™️

providing vital information support for individuals and organizations,

empowering humanity to better shape reality.

Giving back to family, society, country, world through


of CosmoMK Numbers Phenomena Unique Information.

To recover and prevent from Critical illness.

Reduce Cancer and prevent incurable diseases. 

Decipher Life Code, precise understanding of genetic disease,

A world with no babies born with illness. 

Develop Self Discipline and capabilities.

Truly understand Human Being  

See through all External and Lies, See the real essence within.

Reduce Suicidal, Mental health and Crime rates,

Developing a Peaceful world.

Select the Right suitable partner, effectively reducing emotional entanglements, 

domestic violence and divorces.  

Turns every Investment from high risk to become of high value, 

Effectively qualify Value Investment, 

Improving Human Development.



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