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Numbers Phenomena Workshop - DMS

Anything in the world can be fake, only Numbers Phenomena information is the real truth. 

Every human being is totally Different and Unique.

Numbers Phenomena is the only pathway to truly recognize and understand everyone unique differences. 

COSMOMK had launched DMS workshop to give every life another opportunity to Choose!

Please NOTE there are billions of unique information that can be presented from each unique number combinations. Every session of DMS will be different and insightful. 

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Numbers Phenomena Crash Course 

Understand ourselves & others in 5 minutes vs 5 years?

How to qualify and chose the Right person for love or partnership?

How to analyze investments to guarantee lowest risks and highest returns?

How to Improve Family/Child relationship and achieve true happiness, peace and harmony?

How to identify the root causes of all health issues and prevent all critical illness?

World 1st Numbers Phenomena

+ 2 Digit - 3 Digit Numbers Combinations 

+ Insights 

+ Case Studies 

+ Industry Analysis 

+ Speed Numbers Analysis Session 

3-10 mins Speed Analysis of each unique individual participant: 


TIMING (To Know BEFORE? or To Know AFTER?)


OBJECTIVE (unbiased based on numbers you use)


COMPREHENSIVE (Cover ALL AREAS: Internal + External)


THE UNIQUE ONLY ONE (Everyone is totally Different)


ACCURATE (Thousands of Areas x Thousands of insights)


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📅  Every Thursday | Saturday 

🕒 11am - 431pm 

Language: English | Mandarin

Dress Code: Smart Casual 

Coffee/Tea Lunch provided. 

Registration starts from 11am Program starts at 1130am

Special Promotion $314 only per participant 

LIMITED - Do register in Advance. 

About the Speakers: 

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Super Insightful and amazing! 

Highly recommend every important boss or decision maker to attend! 

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